Areas of Practice

Compliance, Investigations & Cybersecurity

We have a highly trained and experienced team that provides comprehensive support to our clients in all stages of the processes of prevention and response to events related to Compliance and Cybersecurity Incidents.

This team assists clients in the design of anti-corruption policies and updates, AML/FT and integrity programs under Argentine law, tailored to their businesses and industries, and taking into special consideration their relationship with public agencies and companies. Such policies can be designed to be applicable in other Latin American countries, as well as under international standards such as FCPA and UK Bribery Act.

Our experts focus on the practical aspects of integrity policies in order to achieve an early warning system, high levels of risk mitigation and rapid organizational reaction in the event of a breach.

Our clients engage us to conduct internal audits and investigations in cases of corporate fraud and corruption (white collar crime), covering all layers and responsibilities at the corporate level.

Our team is highly trained in cybercrime, cybersecurity and digital forensic evidence, advising clients on how to detect, contain and combat these crimes.

How do we accomplish this? By collaborating with our clients to develop cybersecurity best practices and protocols and creating innovative solutions for these types of events and incidents, with the goal of reducing their economic impact and franchise risk. We partner with law enforcement and police departments in the investigation of highly complex cybercrimes, with outstanding results.

We support companies in asset recovery and remediation plans, restitution of funds and compensation claims. The prevention and identification of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the analysis of unusual and suspicious activity, is another key area of our team's practice.

Our team is highly skilled in assessing the business and the negative impact of the risks we seek to mitigate, and implementing highly innovative solutions.

Areas of Practice

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