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Antitrust & Competition Law

Our Antitrust and Competition team provides comprehensive guidance and representation in navigating the complexities of antitrust and competition regulations. We assist clients with notifying economic concentrations to the relevant authorities and defend them against investigations or charges of anti-competitive conduct.

We introduce you to our team of lawyers specialized in antitrust matters. They know in detail the antitrust regulations of the country and the region. They are also interested in regulatory developments in the United States and the European Union, which may have an impact on national regulation and affect companies that develop activities in Argentina. The antitrust team has professionals involved in the evaluation of transactions and the determination regarding the obligation to notify economic concentrations in industries as varied as ICT services, pharmaceuticals, construction companies, mass consumption, automotive industry, among others.

Our team analyzes in detail the best strategies to advise clients on the notifications to be made to the competition authority, trying to avoid delays and adjusting to the guidelines and background issued by the enforcement authority for a proper management of the concentration in question.

The definition of relevant markets is key for the antitrust team, which is updated on market interpretations by the National Antitrust Commission. Our professionals closely follow the notifications and administrative procedures, responding to all the necessary requirements until the mergers are approved.

Our team also deals with and advises clients on anti-competitive conduct proceedings (either as complainants or defendants) and on the follow-up of market investigations carried out by the Commission, which may generate a subsequent administrative proceeding for anti-competitive conduct by the market players under analysis.

In this regard, the firm has advised on the most significant investigations and conduct in recent years.

The accompaniment and guidance on mergers and anticompetitive conduct includes not only the administrative procedure but also the advice in court for the proper defense of the interests of our clients up to the last possible instance.

For preventive purposes, the team also provides clients with customized antitrust audits and training, so that our clients understand the object of antitrust regulation in the world and in our country, and based on this, they can know the implications of their operations in this area and recognize alerts in this regard.

Within the scope of  unfair competition, our team possesses the expertise and training necessary to advise and safeguard the interests of our clients. Our attorneys have been involved in complaints - both in administrative and judicial proceedings, as complainants and defendants - against competitors operating in the same market, even if they do not hold a dominant position, regarding acts of deception, unfair imitation, violation of rules to gain advantages, violation or disclosure of trade secrets, comparative and/or deceptive advertising, among other instances of behavior outlined in the applicable regulations.

Additionally, our team provides clients with guidance on the legal requirements for product identification and advertising, offering constant preventive support to ensure compliance with regulations governed by the Commercial Loyalty Regime. Thus, in conjunction with competition defense measures, our team's attorneys provide comprehensive and ongoing protection for our clients' businesses.

Areas of Practice

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