Areas of Practice

Consumer Protection

Our Consumer Protection team advises on compliance with consumer protection regulations and represents clients in administrative and judicial claims nationwide. We also provide preventive guidance on advertising, labels, audiovisual media publications, promotions, and contests.

The team focuses on advising our clients—spanning various industries—on effectively launching new products and ensuring their compliance with local regulations, encompassing both general and product-specific laws at national and provincial levels.

Additionally, we provide guidance on marketing campaigns, reviewing advertising materials, drafting terms and conditions, and negotiating contracts with suppliers of goods and services vital for commercial and industrial operations.

With extensive experience in consumer contracts, terms and conditions, and electronic contracting issues, we address the growing concern of companies relying on us.

Our responsibilities extend beyond advisory roles, as we also represent clients in administrative proceedings, claims, investigations, and judicial proceedings, including the increasing prevalence of class actions. To fulfill our daily tasks, team members prioritize staying continuously updated, ensuring they remain at the forefront in this constantly evolving area.

Areas of Practice

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