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Gustavo A. Bethular

Education and Professional Background

Gustavo is a Partner at the Argentine law firm Richards, Cardinal, Tützer, Zabala & Zaefferer, with over two decades of expertise in Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Technology law, complemented by a solid background in corporate conflict resolution. Specializing in compliance, cybercrime, IT, and real estate, Gustavo provides legal counsel to companies across various sectors, including IT, telecommunications, software, real estate, pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, and consulting. He offers valuable assistance to clients in developing, reviewing, and adjusting their internal compliance and cybersecurity policies, while also delivering critical training to their personnel, including top management. Furthermore, this seasoned professional excels in collaborating on internal and judicial investigations, addressing issues such as fraud, bribery, harassment, copyright infringement, child pornography, smuggling, forgery, hacking, corruption, and bank fraud.

As an external advisor, Gustavo has been actively involved in drafting and reviewing bills related to emails, privacy, network neutrality, cloud computing, and cybercrimes. He serves as a regular guest professor at the International Postgraduate Diploma in Cybercrime and Research Technologies at Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, as well as at the Diploma in Digital Investigations at the University Institute of Security of Buenos Aires City, and the Specialization Program in Cybercrime and Digital Evidence at Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law.

Additionally, he has conducted training sessions and lectures at both domestic and international conferences, various universities, and public institutions, including the Chamber of National Senators (Buenos Aires City, Argentina); Chambers (Buenos Aires City, Argentina); the Public Bar Association of Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires City, Argentina); the United Nations, UNODC (Panama); the Cordoba State Attorney General’s Office (Córdoba Province, Argentina); the United Nations, UNODC (Argentina), the Council of Europe, Cybercrime Programme Office (Santiago City, Chile), among others. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including cybercrimes, cybersecurity, forensic practices, copyright infringement, and cloud computing.

Gustavo is the author of several articles, including: ‘Seizure Crime’ in the ‘Property Crime’ book (Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires, 2011); ‘Legitimation to be a complainant and legal personality: foreign rights collective management organization,’ Thomson Reuters – La Ley, 2014; ‘Argentina: Cybersecurity incidents landscape,’ OneTrust, 2023; the “Argentina Cybersecurity Guidance,” OneTrust, from 2019 to 2023; “Argentina: Cybersecurity incidents landscape,” OneTrust, 2023; and “Argentina: Cryptocurrency regulation – a fragmented landscape,” OneTrust, 2024.


Buenos Aires City Bar Association, admitted to practice in Buenos Aires City courts and Argentinian federal courts. San Isidro City Bar Association, admitted to practice in Buenos Aires province courts. Commission of Computer Crime of the Argentine. Secretary of Communications (2001).

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