Areas of Practice

Employment Law & Social Security

Prevention of claims and litigation, implementation of business policies, representation in business consulting matters and conflict resolution, both individual and collective.

They are the ones who provide daily and constant support to our clients in both everyday labor matters and highly complex issues, preventing potential conflict situations, planning and helping them implement human resources policies, taking a stand in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and in collective conflicts, representing companies before unions and other labor organizations.

They are responsible for dealing with restructuring and reorganization processes, patiently and tenaciously following the course of judicial claims before national, federal, and provincial courts, always being on the front lines to advise on matters related to occupational hazards, providing support and containment to expatriate dreamers who come to occupy positions in local companies, rolling up their sleeves to tackle auditing and due diligence tasks.

Their experience extends to the most diverse areas: food, technology, communications, health, postal services, medical technology, hospitality, cleaning, aeronautics, ports, transportation services, insurance, construction, supermarkets, metalworking, automotive and auto parts industry, banks and financial services and public service concessions, where our team interacts with all levels of the company structure, from Human Capital, General Counsel, CFOs and CEOs.

We can't think of a more cross-cutting area than this.

Areas of Practice

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