TMT -Telecoms, Media & Technology, Data Privacy

Outsourcing: contracts at a national, regional and global level; compliance with the regulations applicable to each specific industry.

E- Commerce: marketing and advertising of products and services through the internet, social media, and other platforms in compliance with applicable Argentinian regulations.

Data privacy: Data processing and registration; international transfers, contractual clauses and harmonized transnational data transfers.

Telecoms: regulatory framework for information and communications technology (ICT) services; convergence; disputes with regulators and other licensees; applications for licenses; national, provincial and municipal permits; value added services and OTT services.

Cloud computing: legislation (general and specific) applicable to each of the various industry sectors involved, as well as the areas of the law covered in the contractual negotiation.

Cyber-security: security incidents, compliance, and technical and legal security measures.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain: implementation and development of new technologies.

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