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Lisandro Frene & Juan Pablo M. Cardinal

Richards, Cardinal, Tützer, Zabala & Zaefferer data protection team is led by Juan Pablo M Cardinal and Lisandro Frene (partners), plus three senior lawyers, two junior lawyers and two paralegals. The team works closely with other teams within the firm in other data protection-related areas, such as TMT, IP, Compliance, Administrative – Regulatory and Corporate areas of the firm. Areas of specialization include: database registration, audits carried out by the Data Protection Agency, data outsourcing agreements. International data transfers, cloud computing services agreement (drafting and negotiation), data protection regulation in the provision of telecommunications, OTT and IT services, data protection clauses in internal policies and compliance manuals, data protection and advertising: applicable for-mats and mandatory legal texts, data protection analysis for particular industries such as financial, health and agribusiness, legal review of big data applications from data protection law perspective, mandatory security and technical requirements for data hosting and processing, data security incidents management and data protection assessment in contracts with public sector.