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Frene, Lisandro

Today it was issued presidential Decree 892/2017 which creates the “Digital Signature Remote Platform” (“Plataforma de Firma Digital Remota”) within the Modernization National Ministry, in charge of “centralizing the use of the digital signature”.

Furthermore, this new Platform shall be able to issue “Digital Certificates” for free (at no cost) to be used in order to implement the Digital Signature, pursuant to the provisions of the Digital signature Act 25,506.

Given the broad terms of this new regulation, Section 5 of the new Decree 892/2017 establishes that the new Platform shall be used according with the guidelines and regulations to be set forth by the Bureau of Administrative Modernization (“Secretaría de Modernización Administrativa”) .

Digital signature was enacted in Argentina by Act 25,506 in the year 2001; however –in spite of the several Digital Signature regulations issued- as of to-date it has been rarely used in practice. With this new regulation, the National Government intends to promote the use of digital signature.